Running places a lot of stress on the body. Click below to learn about the injuries that you are most susceptible to from running on a prosthesis as well as exercises and tips you can use to help prevent these injuries from occurring. All runners face injuries over time but proper training and strengthening can help minimize the risk. 


Common Running Injuries

One of the biggest problems with running on a prosthesis is many individuals demonstrate an asymmetrical gait pattern. This means that side to side the movements of the two legs are not the same and the amount of force going through each leg is often different. This unequal distribution of forces can lead to injuries, primarily on the sound limb. 

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Injury Prevention

The good new is that usually injuries can be prevented. One recommendation is for runners to implement an appropriate strengthening program with a focus at the hip and core musculature. Although proper training on your own can be beneficial there are times when you need to reach out to a healthcare professional for further help.

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